Student Bios

Marguerite Wiser

Marguerite has the soul of a farmer, the spirit of a Mainer, and a heart made of gold.  Along with paddling and saunaing – cult favorites at Arcadia – she loves to search for cranberries and...

Gwyn Buchanan
Majors: Environmental Studies-Biology

Gwyn “cheese head” Buchanan is an avid paddler, chef extraordinaire, and renowned cheese consumer.  Her interests include tree identification, sustainability practice, napping and hiking....

Gillian Gadenne
Majors: Psychology
Minors: Outdoor Studies

Gigi or more commonly referred to as “Geeg” is pursuing a double major in personability and being thoroughly amicable.  Seeing as St. Lawrence does not recognize such majors, according to her...

Caitlin Kelly
Majors: Enviromental Studies-English

Caitlin is a woman of many nicknames, most of which are self-given and almost none of which have really ever stuck.  Her laughter (and the snorts that accompany it) can often be heard...

Emma Geiger

It is a seemingly impossible task to define Emma in a few short sentences.  Is it important for you to know that she is an expert knitter or that she enjoys curling up in her hammock that...

Sean Reville

Sean is anything but a city boy.  He is often seen walking the woods of Arcadia barefoot, even on the coldest of days.  Sean loves a good adventure, and spends most of his free time...