Student Bios

Karen Blakelock
Majors: Government

Karen has studied abroad in Tanzania.  She has an infectious smile that will make you love her instantly.

She can be often found reading a book in her hammock or by the barge listening...

Sydney Kahl

She intends to major in Environmental Studies, a field she is passionate about.  She spent the summer working in Squam Lake in NH joining in the effort to eradicate the invasive aquatic plant...

Emily Hoffman

She intends on majoring in Environmental Sociology with minors in Art and Outdoor Studies. 

Recently, Emily learned that a pickle began its life as a cucumber and just last week she...

Emily Gougelet
Majors: Undecided

Currently her major is undecided, but she is considering a major in Environmental Studies.  Emily is a certified wilderness EMT.  On campus she volunteers for SLU EMS, but while out here...

Julia Callahan
Majors: Environmental Studies

When she’s not running marathons, she’ll be at a farm – any farm, as long as it has pigs.

At Arcadia you can often find her laughing uncontrollably at the dinner table while rocking funky...

John (Jack) Carrroll
Majors: Conservation Biology

He is known as Arcadia’s number two bachelor (behind Taylor).  You can always catch him playing guitar or reading his book.  He enjoys morning dips in Massawepie and hiking fast. ...