Recruit Our Students

St. Lawrence University's Career Services welcomes recruiters to contact our office either by telephone, facsimile or E-mail, indicating their interests in our students for either internships, summer or full time positions.

St. Lawrence Students

  • Possess strong research and analytical skills; effective oral and written communication skills; demonstrated leadership ability; and practical work experience.
  • Have international experience. Many St. Lawrence students participate in one or more study abroad programs.
  • Demonstrate comfort and sophistication with technology that applies across industries.
  • Complete internships in diverse settings and industries.
  • Seek challenging positions in a variety of fields upon graduation.

On-Campus Recruiting Program
The University operates on a two-semester calendar. Recruiting occurs during each semester, September 30 - December 12, and February 1 - May 1. We know that every employer has different recruiting needs; that is why we offer the opportunity to:

  • Experience a personalized visit (catering options, flexible scheduling, targeted marketing, meetings with faculty, staff or special student groups)
  • Conduct interviews using pre-select scheduling in our NACElink Network or arrange an open sign-up schedule in which students reserve interview slots on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Career Services will contact the students you are interested in meeting and arrange your interview schedule prior to your visit to campus
  • Utilize top of the line interview and meeting spaces (equipped with computer hook-ups, wireless internet access, presentation technology and telephones for business use)

If you are interested in arranging an on-campus visit, please contact the recruiting coordinator at (315) 229 - 5906. For directions and information on traveling to St. Lawrence University, please visit the visitors website.

Resume Referral Program (Distance Recruiting)

Organizations not able to send representatives to campus are still able to connect with St. Lawrence students through our Resume Referral Program. Employers can fax, e-mail or mail us job descriptions. We advertise these positions to students, then collect and forward resumes from interested students. Or we can have students directed to your web site to submit applications and necessary materials. You may then schedule interviews at your organization by following up with individual candidates. To schedule a resume referral, call 315-229-5906 or post a job on SAINTSLink.

Consortia Recruiting

St. Lawrence is a member of four college consortia designed to assist employers with making efficient and cost effective connections with students. Within the four consortia employers have access the nation's top students and may interview students from up to 25 nation-wide colleges and universities during one event.

Employers interested in interviewing students at any of annual/semi-annual events should follow the links below or contact our recruiting coordinator at 315-229-5906 for more information.

Employers Guide to Hiring International Students

Please use this resource from NAFSA as a guide through the process of hiring international students.