Festival of CBL

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Monday, April 28th, 2014
5:30-7:00pm (5-5:30 set up)
Eben Holden Conference Center


Opening Remarks
Brenda Papineau, Director Community Partnerships

5:35 – 6:15pm Oral/Visual Presentations

Kearsten Cubit ’14, Erik Seivert ’14, Jeff O’Connor ’14, Brady O’Neil ‘14: NYSARC – “NYSARC Community Arts: Lead and Develop”

Anabel Encarnacion ’17, Nicole Romero ’17, Moustafa Bayoumy ’17, Elizabeth Levering ‘14: NYSARC – “St. Lawrence NYSARC: The Leadership Journey”

Justina Bagger ’17, Tori Peabody ‘17: Canton Central School – “Ms. Bastien’s 3rd Grade Classroom”

Dominic Brennan ’15, Alison Noble ’17, Will Madison ’15, Kendra Campbell ‘14: St. Lawrence Correctional Facility – “Non-Violent Communication”

6:15pm Poster Presentations

Lizzy Gendell ‘17: Canton Central School – “Golden Bear Packs”

Kellan Morgan ’17, Lily Barrows ‘17: Campus Kitchens – “Serving the Community through Campus Kitchens”

Lisa Grohn ’17, Paige Buchanan ’17, Louis Hutchinson ’17, Michelle Jerez ‘17: Little Grass Foodworks –“Canton’s Underground Grocery Store”

Amanda Brooks ’17, Julia Lavenson ‘17: Campus Kitchens – “Feeding the Community”

Olivia Conrad ’17, Mark Dunleavy ’17, Sumra Sikandar ’17, Haley Taylor ’17, Mercedes Maddocks: Bittersweet Farm – “A Labor of Love”

Morgan Carroll ’17, John Hoffman ‘17: St. Lawrence Correctional Facility – “St. Lawrence County Jail”

Ellory Shackett ’17: Canton Head Start – “Canton Head Start”

Heather Raimer ’17, Seneth Waterman ‘17: Little River Community School – “Little River Community School"

Margarita Garcia ’17, Coral Peral Garcia ‘17: Campus Kitchens Project – “Serving the Canton Community”

Katy Swank ’17, Devin Pafumi ‘17: Cyber Seniors – “Cyber Seniors”

Charlie Coylz ‘17: Cyber Seniors – “Cyber Seniors”

Kim Weinberg ‘16: Partridge Knoll – “Aging Through the Eyes of Vic and Alice”

Natalie Wall ‘14: Cyber Seniors – “The Future of Aging”

Obinna Nwaigwe ’14, Klayton Johnson ’14, Camryn Ferrara ‘14: Ogdensburg Boys and Girls Club – “Steps to ManHood”

Taylor Washington ‘14: Bittersweet Farm – “Humane Animal Husbandry”

Daniele Coxe ‘14: Cyber Seniors – “Cyber Seniors”

Georgia Comber ’17, Rachael Patraw ’16, Noah Morton-Gundran ‘17: Building Blocks Daycare – “Leadership at Building Blocks Daycare”

Matt Craighead ‘16: Potsdam Central Middle School Mentoring Program – “Mentoring and Positive Role Models”

Allison Paludi ’14, Jordan Duke ’15, Melissa Frederick ’14, India Campbell ‘15: Akwesasne Branching Out With Books – “Mohawk Language and the Oral Tradition”

Jennifer Jasinski ’16, Isiah Bell ’16, Jacob Zirinsky ’16, Scarlett Nieves ‘15: Akwesasne Boys and Girls Club – “Akwesasne Boys and Girls Club”

Sean Morrissey ‘16: Office of the Mayor – “Sustainability Committee: Canton”

Lanika Sanders ‘17: Sustainability Semester Farmsite – “Homesteading Experience at the Sustainability Semester”

Myles Trainer ‘15: Sustainability Semester – “Putting the Home to Homesteading”

Jamie Oriol ‘17: Cornell Cooperative Extension – “Community Education with Cornell”

Margaret MacDonald ‘16: Cornell Cooperative Extension – “Time Spent with Sheep”

David Smith ‘15: North Country 350 Alliance – “North Country 350 Alliance”

Caeleigh Warburton ‘16: GardenShare – “North Country Food Issues”

Kaitlyn Lawrence ‘14: Little Grass Foodworks – “Different Skills Involving Homesteading”

Stephanie Johnson ’17, Chenqu Jiang ‘17: Free Will Meal Program – “The Free Will Meal Program and Hunger”

Grace Bodkin ’17, Katie Lloyd ‘17: Free Will Meal Program – “A Community Project”

Julia Hall ’14, Devlin Rutherford ’14, Lucy Zimmermann ’17, Brittany Coxe ’14, Victoria Small ‘14: Canton Elementary School“3rd Grade at Canton Elementary School”