Cooper Thompson

Cooper Thompson
Mr. Cooper Thompson
New Haven, VT

Cooper Thompson, a senior at St. Lawrence University, started his college volunteering career at the Ogdensburg Boys and Girls Club his freshman year, but he didn’t just complete the 15 hours and never looked back. Inspired by the passion of his FYP professors, Jenny Hansen and Liz Regosin, Cooper decided to continue volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club even after his CBL ended. In the Spring semester, Cooper was unable to visit the club, but Cooper continues to volunteer through the SLU leadership class. When asked why he volunteers and how he keeps himself motivated, Cooper says that it was his parents who instilled in him the value of volunteering and helping others.  “I am lucky to be where I am today; I had some tremendous influences that have all helped me a great deal and it's kind of like a circle; now that I am in the position to serve as a mentor, I am able to use the wisdom passed down by others and hopefully have a meaningful lasting impact on others.” In addition, Cooper believes that volunteering is a great learning experience that drives him to want to make a positive change in the world. He says, “On a personal level, I volunteer because there is a lot of hardship in the world.  There are a lot of people that need a bit of guidance or just encouragement and someone to say, "yes you can."  To give this some perspective, at the Boys and Girls Club the majority of the kids cannot afford the $5 annual fee for membership; though it is easy to just remain isolated in our bubble here at SLU, Cooper believes that there is really no better time to volunteer than as a student.