Sopie Owen-Jankowski

Sophie Owen-Jankowski
Class of 2014

2014 Community Mentor Recognition Award: Awarded to Community Mentors who have made an extraordinary contribution to promoting the mission of the Center for Civic Engagement.

"It is her ability to lead and inspire others, as well as never hesitating to take on new challenges that makes her a strong Community Mentor. What makes her stand out above the rest is how she became a Community Mentor in her Senior year and was able to make a lasting impact with her work to help organize a winter clothing drive for local schools, as an organizer for the Seed to Table innovation grant and her help with the Kick it for Zachary fundraising event that raised over $9000 for a local child battling cancer. It is with great pleasure, on behalf of the Center for Civic Engagement, to award Sophie Owen-Jankowski one of the 2014 Commuinty Mentor Recognition Awards."