Transportation Policy

  1. Each CBL student is responsible for getting to and from their placement site. Options for securing transportation are explained below.
  2. It is not the responsibility of the professor, the Community Partner/Agency or the CBL staff to provide rides to and from the placement site.  Furthermore, the Community Mentor should not be expected to serve as the Certified Driver for the SLU vehicle.
  3. As a general rule, the CBL program prefers that students utilize a SLU vehicle and discourages carpooling given the potential liability risks.  While we cannot stop students from utilizing their own personal vehicle or carpooling, the CBL program requires:
    1. A “driver” transportation waiver when the student is driving alone in their personal vehicle.
    2. In the event that students decide to carpool, the driver must submit the names of students being transported in their personal vehicle, as well as all “rider” transportation waivers.

NOTE: This arrangement must be finalized and all supporting documentation submitted prior to the first placement visit.

  1. If the placement site is within five miles from campus, please see detailed transportation options below. Such options include: walking, reserving a green bike or a SLU vehicle. If reserving a SLU vehicle, a budget code will be provided by the CCE.
  2. GROUP TRAVEL: When the placement site is located over five miles from campus and requires group travel, the CBL program will automatically reserve a SLU vehicle for students’ use. While we cannot mandate students, it is strongly encouraged that all students traveling become SLU Certified Drivers. This does not apply to students who are under 18 years of age and/or do not hold a valid US issued driver’s license, as the University liability insurance will not cover such cases. To complete Driver Certification Training visit the Security and Safety website:
  3. If a SLU vehicle is not available on the day/time a placement is scheduled, students may be given permission to utilize a personal vehicle (which they are an insured driver for).
  4. If a student has the opportunity to travel in a SLU vehicle to get to and from the placement site, but chooses to use a personal vehicle during the same trip, he or she will NOT be eligible to receive mileage reimbursement.
  5. If after all attempts to secure transportation have been unsuccessful or transportation concerns arise at any time during the semester, please contact the CCE immediately at or stop by the office in Whitman Annex, Room 4 for assistance.


Single Student Option: If you are the only student assigned to a placement site for a specific day and time, you may utilize your own personal vehicle or proceed with the options below. A “driver” transportation waiver is required.

Walking/Green Bikes: If within walking distance the student is encouraged to walk or reserve a Green Bike from the Science Library:

CCE Van: To reserve the Center for Civic Engagement van, please complete the CCE Van Request Form at For more information, contact the CCE at or stop by the office in Whitman Annex, Room 4.

FYP Van: If you are enrolled in an FYP or FYS course with a CBL, please contact Debbie Bishop at or stop by Whitman Annex, Room 5 to request the FYP van.

SLU Vans and Cars: To reserve a SLU van or car, please contact the CCE for a budget code and then complete the Facilities Fleet Rental Form at

Mileage Reimbursement:

  1. If a University vehicle is not available on the day/time a placement is scheduled, students may be given permission to utilize a personal vehicle (which they are an insured driver for).
  2. If approved, the student may be eligible for Mileage Reimbursement for using their personal car up to a maximum of $100 per placement per semester. Students with placements within five miles (round trip)  from campus will not be reimbursed for mileage. More information will be sent to eligible students after all placements are finalized. Mileage Reimbursement Application
  3. If mileage reimbursement is approved, the student will need to submit a Student Mileage Log as well as the Student Time Log via the Online Mileage Log Submission Form by the Monday following the last day of classes.
  4. Please Note: Mileage Reimbursement is only available until funds are depleted.

The CCE reserves the right to make adjustments to the transportation policy as needed.

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