Gunnison Memorial Chapel

The beautiful Gunnison Memorial Chapel, which was built in 1926, is the scene of voluntary religious services and ceremonial events. Numerous beautiful stained glass windows grace the building, which is the source of a campus tradition: the chiming of its bells every weekday afternoon at 5 o'clock when classes are in session.


The Chaplain's Office at St. Lawrence University is committed to assist community members:

  • in building relationships between their intellectual, moral, emotional/mental and religious/spiritual lives;
  • with varied faith commitments to live in active partnership with those of different commitments, or of none;
  • or that are unfamiliar with the language and traditions of religious/spiritual life to discern the potentially religious/spiritual dimension of contemporary discussions of the environment, multiculturalism, and social and political activism.

At the heart of leadership is listening. Listening to your spirit or nurturing your spirit does not equal religion. It may overlap with religion or belief in God, but this time is about meeting a universal human need to care for our spirit.

So our working definition of spirituality is "that which moves us toward wholeness" - again, that may include religion or God, or it may not - but the nurture of your spirit is the critical piece.

Chapel Information Sheet