Student Bios

Majors: Economics, History

Growing up in Canton as the son of the late Emeritus Professor of Economics David Richardson, John did not originally consider attending St Lawrence.  He enrolled as a freshman at Connecticut...

Majors: Economics

During my years at St. Lawrence University I have enjoyed participating in the Entrepreneurship Club and the Crown Royalties Investment Club.  Along with these opportunities, I have had "...

Majors: Economics & Psychology

As a first-year I knew I wanted to become a psychology major, but decided late in my sophomore year that I also enjoyed economics.  Once I got past the pre-requisites I realized how much...

Majors: Economics & Fine Arts
Minors: African Studies

During my time at St. Lawrence I have been a member of the Women’s Varsity Soccer Team, where I was the 2006 Liberty League Rookie of the Year, a team representative to the Student Athletic...

Majors: Economics
Minors: Math

Coming into St. Lawrence, I knew I wanted to study economics given my entrepreneurial spirit and interest in business.  While at St. Lawrence, I’ve realized just how applicable economics is...

Majors: Economics & Mathematics
Minors: Applied Statistics

My experience at St. Lawrence has been characterized by a balance of academic, athletic, and social activities. During my first two years here I joined the Golf team, became a First Year Council...