Office of Educational Placement & Records Partners with Interfolio to Streamline Credentials Process for Students.

Managing letters of recommendations and credential files often can be inconvenient for students and for faculty. Through its partnership with Interfolio,  the Education Department offers its students and alumni a state-of-the-art online credentials service that securely streamlines, simplifies, and speeds up the credentials management process for everyone.

Interfolio, the premier online credentials management system for colleges and universities since 1999, is used by students and faculty at over 200 higher education institutions. With Interfolio’s secure web-based system, students and faculty are now able to easily aggregate and distribute credential files for applications to prospective post-graduate institutions or employers.

Erin Basford, Coordinator of the Educational Service cited the benefits: “Our partnership with Interfolio is a win-win. Students and faculty get the convenience of 24-hour access to an effective online credential management system, and the placement service can now reorganize its staff’s resources to offer more assistance to students and alumni.”

Traditionally, credential files have been paper-based and thus challenging to store, access and distribute. Interfolio allows students and alumni to manage nearly any document online, including letters of recommendation, transcripts, evaluations, test scores, resumes, and more.

Interfolio also benefits letter writers. Rather than processing multiple letters for a single candidate, one letter can be sent to Interfolio, who takes care of all storing and distributing. Faculty members have the option of electronically uploading letters or files directly, or sending them through the mail. FERPA laws and privacy are ensured.

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