Non-Custodial Parent Information

St. Lawrence University believes that both parents, regardless of their current marital status, have the primary responsibility for providing for their child's education. Completion of the College Scholarship Service (CSS) non-custodial parent form will be expected if a family is applying for institutional need-based financial assistance and the student's parents are divorced, separated, or have never been married.

Students applying to St. Lawrence University as either a first-year or transfer student who indicate their parents are divorced/separated should have their non-custodial parent complete the CSS non-custodial form. Instructions will be provided during the CSS profile online application process. It is important to note that your non-custodial parent will only need to complete this form in the year you apply for admission. St. Lawrence University will not typically require this form in subsequent years.

We realize that every divorce or separation is different; therefore, the CSS non-custodial parent form is intended to help make your family’s circumstances clearer to the Office of Financial Aid. It is important to contact the St. Lawrence University Financial Aid Office if you feel you are not in a position to request this information from your non-custodial parent. While we attempt to obtain this information, we understand that some students may not be in a position or feel comfortable doing so. The cost of the CSS Profile is $25 for the initial report; if your parent feels they are unable to afford this fee, please have them contact our office. We do have a program to grant a fee waiver for special circumstances. The College Board also automatically waives the fee for low-income/asset parents of first-time domestic applications.

We are cognizant of the sensitive nature of all information supplied by families as part of the financial aid process. Rest assured that the information supplied to us will be held in strictest confidence. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 800-355-0863 or 315-229-5265 or at to discuss your individual circumstances.