Courtney A. Goodridge

Courtney Goodridge
Courtney A. Goodridge
English and Psychology
Boxford, MA

Being several hundred miles from home I was concerned that I would have trouble adapting to a new environment, but the First-Year Program greatly facilitates the college transition and lessens the anxiety of not knowing anyone. I was placed in a single and found it much easier to meet people by interacting with them inside and outside of the classroom. The program also teaches valuable skills in reading, writing, presenting, and researching that will no doubt be helpful throughout college and beyond; in my FYS students are researching certain aspects of diversity and composing skits and monologues which will be acted out and presented to the class, an intimate group of 16 students.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, I am a proud New Englander who treasures home to be where my family is. I am, however, on a quest for new experiences hoping to explore all of the opportunities at hand while also aspiring to travel around the United States and to other countries.

Winner, Bradley R. Evers Outstanding First-Year Student Award 2011-12