Katherine C. Brown

Katherine Brown
Katherine C. Brown
Bristol, VT

The FYP experience allows for a smooth and comfortable transition into college life. Friendships form quickly since you live with and take a class with the students in your FYP. The FYP program teaches you how to be successful in a college classroom. My FYS, which focuses on teaching English as a second language has given me the chance to begin practicing skills that I plan to use in my future career as a teacher. I never thought I would be teaching children in Taiwan and teenagers in Rwanda through video chat. My experiences with these have been unforgettable.

At St. Lawrence, I am a member of the Student Alumni Association, an Admissions Ambassador, an overnight host for prospective students and I volunteer with the Campus Kitchens project, an organization that takes leftover food from our dining hall and the dining hall at SUNY Canton and turns it into a meal that we serve for free every week. Although I am currently undecided regarding my major, I have already gained experience in my minor of education during my first year. This semester, I have had the opportunity to teach Rwandan genocide survivors English via Skype. I am excited and curious to see where the next three years will lead me.

Winner, Bradley R. Evers Outstanding First-Year Student Award 2011-12