Major/Minor Requirements

Major Requirements

Core Courses

Students entering the geology major take the following courses to meet minimum department requirements for graduation with the Bachelor of Science degree in geology:

Class Years 2013-2015 Class Years 2016-
103. The Dynamic Earth 103. The Dynamic Earth OR
104. The Evolving Earth 110. Environmental Geology AND
203. Mineralogy 115. Oceanography
206. Invertebrate Paleontology 104. The Evolving Earth
211. Geomorphology 203. Mineralogy
216. Sedimentology 206. Invertebrate Paleontology
302. Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology 211. Geomorphology
350. Structural Geology 216. Sedimentology
362. Geochemistry 302. Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
  350. Structural Geology
  + one elective at the 200-level or greater

Required Cognates (Class Years 2016-)

All majors (geology and Geology-Environmental Studies-Geology) are required to take a least one semester of the following courses: 1) chemistry (CHEM 103); 2) calculus (MATH 135); and 3) either physics (PHYS 151) or biology (BIOL 101).  It is highly recommended that the two-semester sequence of each be completed.

None of these required core courses will be accepted toward the major if taken pass/fail. Normally, 200-level courses are appropriate for sophomores, 300-level for juniors and 400-level for seniors. Attendance at department seminars is required of all majors.

Minor Requirements

Students with a general interest and who wish to have a basic understanding of the Earth and its processes, or who have a strong interest in a particular aspect of geology or earth science teaching and want to learn more about the subject, may minor in geology. There are several areas of potential concentration within geology, and the geology minor is designed so that it may serve the needs of the widest range of students. A minor in geology can expand a student’s background in support of a major in an allied science, environmental studies or economics, or in a major supporting interest in archaeology, photographic arts or global studies.

The minor can be designed to reflect general geology, or the courses may be grouped to focus on the history of life, surficial geology, bedrock geology, or environmental geology. A combination of the student’s own choosing, in consultation with the faculty, is encouraged. Several electives are available as options.

Geology 103, 104 and at least four additional courses at the 200 level or above are required in all cases.

For a list of all courses and descriptions go to the University catalog.