Andrew Twitchell

Andrew Twitchell
White River Junction, VT
Crew, club hockey, and cycling.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where and when he became interested in geology, but his family would say, “He’s loved rocks, unique and otherwise for as far back as we can remember, and always took to collecting them.” Drew really tapped into love of rocks and land formations while taking a freshman lecture-lab course, Dynamic Earth (GEOL103) with Dr. Stewart. This class and his experiences with this class really were the major reasons for becoming a geology major. His decision was set in stone last spring when he took both Glacial and Quaternary Geology and Glacial Field Methods: Alaska also with Dr. Stewart. During the first two weeks of his summer vacation between freshman and sophomore year he was in Alaska living on and exploring the terrain and glaciers of the area, as the field portion of Glacial Field Methods: Alaska. Technically, Drew declared his major before his second semester of college, which some might suggest is early in the collegiate process. He can’t imagine, however, another major that would interest him as much. He was one of many applicants to apply, yet lucky enough to be chosen for an experience of a lifetime; to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa this January. This experience, about the environmental and socio-political impact of the glacier atop Kilimanjaro, is being led by Drs. Husinec and Stewart with support from the Mellon Foundation.