Dan Curran

Dan Curran
Shaftsbury, VT
Extreme skiing, geology club, hiking, and being outdoors

I have been very involved with the outdoors since a young age so moving into the geology field was a natural choice. I grew up spending as much time outside as I could between skiing, hiking and everything else I would do. In high school I spent two summers working on volunteer trail crews in Glacier National Park (Montana) and Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Alaska) with the Student Conservation Association. These experiences gave me my first glimpse into the world of geology by spending time in big mountains and getting to see glacial landforms. I initially came to St. Lawrence intending to be an environmental studies major, however after taking dynamic earth I realized geology was something I wanted to pursue. I managed to keep both my interests and became a combined geology-environmental studies major. After St. Lawrence I plan on seeking a masters degree in some aspect of geology, though I am not sure what yet. For the remainder of my time at St. Lawrence I am excited to fit in as many more geology courses as possible and to spend a semester abroad in Vienna, Austria.