Gifts to the university's endowment are carefully invested to yield a steady, reliable source of income in perpetuity. Endowment income provides financial stability and allows the university to implement long-range plans. The amount to be spent, called the payout rate, is set by the Board of Trustees to secure and increase the endowment's buying power.

Student Scholarships
Endowed scholarships permanently funded by alumni, parents and friends provide an important source of financial aid for SLU students. SLU hopes to increase significantly the number of endowed scholarships in order to recruit and retain the best students.

Faculty and Departmental Support
A strong endowment enables St. Lawrence to offer competitive salaries, maintain the faculty at an optimum size, and support teaching and research -- all of which are essential to attracting and sustaining an energized and productive faculty. Endowment funds enrich the academic experience for students by providing support for endowed professorships, visiting artists and lecturers, faculty development grants, and awards for innovative teaching.

Named Endowment Funds
Often donors wish to associate their philanthropy with certain types of public recognition. The university has established minimum fund levels required to name endowed funds for a variety of purposes across the spectrum of institutional priorities. Donors may take as many as five years to reach the minimum levels for their fund within an approximate five year period.


Endowment Fund Minimums
Full Professorship (to create a new position) $2,000,000
Full Professorship (to name an existing position) $1,500,000
Associate Professorship $1,000,000
Head Coach's Position $1,000,000
Assistant Professorship $750,000
Lectureship $150,000
Departmental Fund* $100,000
Faculty Development Fund $100,000
Scholarship Fund $100,000
Equipment Fund $50,000
  • University Fellows Fund (current cost to the University is $6,550)
  • CIIS Fellows Fund (Center for International and Intercultural Studies, cost ranges between $5,000 and $8,000)
Student Enrichment Fund*
  • Travel Fund
  • Research Fund (international or departmental)
  • Internship Fund
  • Other


*Departmental funds allow department chairs to fund initiatives not supported by normal budgetary funds. Student Enrichment funds provide added opportunities for student research and conference attendance and presentations.