Student Bios

Majors: Music & Chemistry

Dan was active in the chemistry department and wanted to pursue a career in the sciences (but of course kept music in his life in any way possible).  He worked for the NYS Dept. of Health in...

Majors: Music

Nathan Hall was at St. Lawrence from 1996-2000. He majored in music with a focus on violin performance. He played in the Early Music Ensemble, University Chorus, as well as ensembles in Tango,...

Majors: Performance and Communication Arts

"The performing arts have always been passion that I have continually cultivated in my life. I have had the great fortune to challenge myself in the performing arts by majoring in Performance and...

Majors: Music

The Music Department has had an incredible impact on her experience here at SLU. She truly enjoyed getting to know all the professors and music majors; it’s a tight-knit community that sincerely...

Majors: Music and History

As a double major at St. Lawrence, Ms. Hoffman decided to go to SLU's Vienna program to study Music and History.  This experience helped her discover "who I really am, and what I am capable...

Majors: Music and Economics

Shane was a music and economics major. He was actively involved with the music department and was a guitarist in their various ensembles such as the Improv Lab and Jug Band. 

Being a...