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Sixteen students recently received grant awards for intercultural research projects, supported through the generosity of alumni and friends of St. Lawrence University.

Projects are supported through funds established by the Karen Caines '93 and C. Neil '94 Gray Fund for International Studies; Sol Feinstone International Study Endowment; Eric H. Hanson '70 International Endowment; Giltz, DeLauder and McCullough International Travel Fund; Clare Marie Rogers Matthews Memorial Fund; Romeo-Gilbert Intercultural Endowment; and Weaver/Nicolais Family International Travel Endowment.

The students, and the topics for projects, are:

- Marsha Dunn '13, of the Bronx, NY, "'Anyting Too Black Nuh Good:' The Skin Bleaching Epidemic in Jamaica"

- Heather Hartlaub '13, of Antwerp, NY, "Archival Research in London, England"

- Facundo Rivarola '14, of Paraguay, "Understanding and Deconstructing the Prisms of 'Land and Conflict' in Rural Paraguay"

- Martina Svrchek '13, of North Creek, NY, "Understanding Soca Music, Its Westernization and Influence on Women"

- Suncica Habul '13, of Bosnia/Herzegovina, "How Has Flamenco Influenced Cultural Integration of the Spanish Gypsies in Spain?"

- Margaret Fellows '13, of Warwick, MA, "Eco-friendly: Nicaragua or Costa Rica?"

- Clara Ma '13, of Hong Kong, "The Medieval Chinese Paintings of Sukhavati in Dunhuang and its Social Context"

- Elley Symmes '14, of Concord, NH, "A Trip to Salvador, Bahia"

- Star-Quana Jackson '14, of Albany, NY, "Mass Destruction: A Study of the Prison-Industrial Complex and Aboriginal Families"

- John Holby '14, Upper Black Eddy, PA, "Economic Development: The Relationship between Southern China and Thailand"

- Charlotte Caldwell '15, of Bolton Landing, NY, "Comparison of Conservation Techniques and the Effects of Ecotourism in the National Parks of Thailand"

- Matthew Shoen '14, of Lisbon, NY, "Roman England"

- Jessica Novak '14, of Willison, VT, "Exploring Conservation Efforts in Australia"

- Julie Collins '14, of Burlington, VT, "The Art of Skating in New Zealand"

- Amanda Treco '14, of Sea Cliff, NY, "Cultural, Artistic and Environmental Exploration: Conservation and Research of Endangered Species in the Italian Mediterranean"

- Kimberly Waite '14, of Brooklyn, NY, "Attitudes toward Tok Pisin in Modern Australia"

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Posted: January 15, 2013

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