Student Bios

Patrick Mullen
Majors: Neuroscience

I have been interested in psychology since taking intro and developmental psychology during my freshman year. Following those classes, I took clinical and positive psychology, which provided early...

John F Trentini
Majors: Neuroscience

As a student at St. Lawrence, John was highly active in the community. He was a student leader in Air Force ROTC as the cadet Director of Operations. He created and instructed the St. Lawrence...

Rebecca Klar
Majors: Neuroscience
Minors: Chemistry

I am currently a graduating senior majoring in Neuroscience with a 
minor in Chemistry and a pre-medicine concentration.  During my four 
years at St. Lawrence, I have taken...

Joe Alvin
Majors: Neuroscience
Minors: Chemistry

Since my first exposure to biotechnology working under Dr. Lee Lynd at
Dartmouth College, I have been enthralled with pursuing a scientific
career in research. After entering St. Lawrence, I...

Quinn Self
Majors: Neuroscience

Through studying cellular neuroscience, I have focused on the underlying mechanisms that control nervous system function under both healthy and pathological conditions. During the Fall of  my...

Andrea Strauss
Majors: Behavioral Neuroscience
Minors: Sport Studies and Exercise Science

I became a neuroscience major because I love the multidisciplinary focus of the program and the broad foundation in biological and behavioral sciences emphasized by the neuroscience program. The...