Mook Will

Mook Will
Conservation Biology
Newcastle, ME

One of the main reasons why I chose to come to St. Lawrence University was its Outdoor Program.  After my first trip through the O.P., I knew I wanted to become more involved, so I did guide training in the spring of my freshman year.  Through the Outdoor Program, I have had countless opportunities to go whitewater kayaking on awesome rivers in Canada, the Adirondacks, North Carolina, and even rivers just 20 minutes from campus.  During the winter, when the rivers are frozen, the program offers amazing backcountry skiing clinics in northern Canada, the Adirondacks, and Jackson, WY.  Throughout my involvement in the O.P., I have learned valuable skills in outdoor leadership, group planning, and backcountry safety.  Although I am sad to be graduating, I am excited to take those skills I have learned through the Outdoor Program and continue guiding professionally.