Robert Meacham

Robert Meacham
Robert Meacham
PCA (Theatre/Performance)
Gender Studies
Canajoharie, NY

Hey Everybody!

My passion for Communication Studies is actually a quite new development in my academic career. I spent the first 2 years here at SLU focusing on Economics as I felt it was my "way into business" someday. Now of course, a degree in Economics from St. Lawrence University more-or-less sets you up for a lucrative career in any division of finance. However, you couldn't wave a million dollars at me to sit behind a desk and crunch numbers for the rest of my life. So not only was I not interested at all in a career from a degree in Economics--I was also quite terrible at it all!

Last semester (Spring 2011) I had had enough. I reached out for advising assistance and was pointed in the direction of Dr. Traci Fordham. As soon as I stepped foot into this incredible women's office I knew life was about to get really interesting. We had one of the most inspiring, though-provoking and motivational conversations about what I could do, I will never forget. This professor, honestly, changed my life.

As if this light bulb I've had stored in my mind for who knows how long sparked to life, I knew that Communication Studies was my passion. My mom has told me for as long as I can remember that when she was in Graduate school the workload didn't feel like anything really because she truly enjoyed what she was doing... Everyday when I wake up and go to class, I still can not believe that I now too feel this way about what I'm studying here at SLU.

If I were to say our Performance and Communication Arts department is a hidden treasure at this university, I wouldn't even be scratching the surface of the incredible the Faculty and opportunities availabl to students within this field.

A degree from St. Lawrence University in Communication with a minor in Gender Studies will provide me with the knowledge to pursue a wide range of careers. I know that I must work with people and I want "Never a Dull Moment" to be a daily saying. From there I have explored careers in the field of Hospitality, Event Planning, Public Relations, Management, Human Relations, Advertising, Promotion, etc... Basically with a concrete knowledge of people and the ways in which we communicate, portray ourselves and make decisions -- the sky is the limit.

I believe.


Rob Meacham '13