William E. L. Kahn

William E. L. Kahn
William E. L. Kahn
Canton, NY

At SLU I became part of the student run Emergency Medical Response Team in the spring of my freshman year. I also was one of the founding members of the rejuvenated Kappa Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity, and later became elected president in the spring of my sophomore year. Finally I was an active member of the Men’s Division 1 Rugby team during my freshman and sophomore years.

I chose SLU because of my close connection with the academic community, as my Mother was a professor in the Fine Arts department and with the local community as I had lived in Canton all my life. I knew SLU could offer me a broad liberal arts education, and due to the fact that I had many interests upon starting my career at SLU, it was a great fit. In addition, I knew the quality of teaching throughout many of the departments during my time as a visiting student in two SLU courses sponsored by my high school.

During the final two semesters at SLU I had undertaken an intense focused study in Communication Arts and fundamentals of Theatre. The course of study that I chose dealt directly with media studies, public speaking, and the production of scenic elements. The combination of these tracks of study has led me to pursue an interest in the production of films, documentaries, commercials, and mass media. Currently I have begun working on a project with world renowned angler, Don Meissner, of PBS’s long running fishing show, “Streamside with Don Meissner”.

However, my time at SLU has also allowed me to explore other interests dealing with the medical field. In 2007 I began volunteering my time with the Canton Fire Department as a Basic EMT, and in 2008 I began working as an ER Tech in the local Emergency Room. Since then I have travelled all over New England spending time with agencies such as Boston EMS and Hyannis Fire. Looking to expand my horizons as an EMT, I have undertaken the task of becoming an Advanced EMT, which would allow my skills as a health care provider to expand beyond the basics of pre-hospital medicine and move into the sphere of IVs, medication drips, and airway intubations. Currently I am also looking to pursue post graduate studies at SUNY Cobleskill within their Paramedic Program.