Local St. Lawrence sites of interest include:

Here is a good internet guide to philosophy:

Here are some internet philosophy encyclopedias:

Interested in Graduate School in Philosophy?
It is also good for philosophy enthusiasts to be aware of:

Here are TED Talks on Philosophy:
Philosophical Blogging

A "blog" ("web log") is a kind of online journal.  While some bloggers write about life experiences, others provide independent commentary on what happens in the world, and yet others use blogging as a way to develop and share ideas.  Many academics (in a wide variety of disciplines) have blogs.  Here are some links for getting started in exploring the world of philosophical blogging.

  • Our own SLU-Philosophy Blog.
  • A Philosophy "Power Blogroll" - it subscribes to a bunch of philosophy blogs and displays recent postings!  The SLU Philosophy Blog is among the ones this site "watches"!  At the bottom of the site is a listing of the many philosophy blogs this site tracks.
  • Another listing of Philosophy Blogs.
  • And if you would like to get into blogging too, here's a page that has links to lots of resources regarding Educational Uses of Blogs, Wikis, etc.  When I want to learn technical skills (how to start a blog or wiki; how to "subscribe" to the blogs I like to read regularly) I start here to figure out how to learn more.

Other Fun Links:

There is of course much more philosophy on the internet!  The links above will guide you to other resources. If you come across a link that you think is particularly appropriate for St. Lawrence students and faculty, or if you find that one of the above links does not work, please let us know!