Tiara Davis

Tiara Davis
Tiara Davis
Global Studies/Performanc and Communication Arts
Gender and Sexuality Studies
Houston, TX
Dance Ensemble, Graceful Movements, Black Student Union, KSLU, Gospel Service

My name is Tiara Davis and I am a junior at St. Lawrence University. I am double majoring in Global Studies, Performance and Communication Arts with a minor in Gender and Sexualities.
Hmmm what do I love to do? Traveling! Eating! Cooking! I’m also a talker and a laugher. Aside from singing, and dancing I love changing my hair! I think I change my hair 4 – 5 times a week and I always wear a flower! Hair is lifeless without a flower! Changing my hair is very comforting. It’s where I’m the most creative and expressive. I can do whatever I want with my canvas. There is no direction, no rules, just me and my imagination. I love intricacy!

There’s so much I could say about my experiences at SLU! One of the best and most recent experiences was my McNair summer. Apply if you haven’t already! Last summer I was granted the opportunity to research Black English. The name of my project was, “It’s Pronounced Ask: The Consequences of Speaking Black English.” Life changing! Spirit Moving! Inspirational! This experience helped me understand where I wanted to go academically and what my subjects of interest are. I was given a lot of one on one attention that most students wouldn’t have access to. I know a lot more about GRE’s, how to properly search for Grad schools, how to present a research paper, how to prepare a personal statement and various other crucial skill. The McNair program has definitely helped me become more marketable. I appreciated every meeting and every log we had to keep to document the journey of our research. The work was strenuous sometimes but knowing that I had a team definitely made it more manageable. I’ve presented my research at Buffalo, at St. Lawrence, and in a few weeks I’ll be presenting at SUNY Potsdam. Each presentation has impacted my research every time I present it. Not only do I have the opportunity to each other people but I’m also teaching myself. 

After traveling abroad to France, I now have the study abroad bug! I’m hoping to study in Trinidad and participate in the Semester at Sea Program.