Molly B. Wike

Molly Wike
Molly B. Wike
Winnetka, IL

On campus, I work in the Admissions office as an Admissions Ambassador. I give tours, host overnight students and contact prospective high school students.

I was off campus this spring (2010) for an internship in Moab, Utah. I interned with a new non-profit called Community Rebuilds. The city of Moab is a big tourist destination for outdoor activities and attracts wealthy travelers. The working population of Moab struggles with high land prices and the lack of affordable housing. Community Rebuilds aims to provide low-income working families with affordable housing. Interestingly, we built straw bale homes. The use of straw bales for insulation in a home drastically reduces the costs of utilities for the family. This spring, there were seven interns aged 20-25. We provided the labor on the house free of charge. Before arriving in Moab, I had no knowledge about building homes, especially natural building. Not only did I learn about home construction and building, but I also improved the lives of working families. This internship will tie directly into my Senior Year Experience (SYE) for Sociology. My interest in Sociology lies in families and the problems many families must overcome. I studied military relationships and families for Qualitative Research Methods and became interested in their struggles in marriage and family life. It is interesting to learn about the differences between and challenges faced by military families and rural families (Canton, NY and Moab, UT).