Identity Guide

The St. Lawrence University Identity Guide provides a framework for describing the St. Lawrence experience and direction for using graphic elements such as the University's logo, seal and other visual identifiers in a consistent and compelling way in all of our communications. It also includes guidance on departmental identifiers, advice on color usage, and direction for University stationery, as well as information about signage and licensing.

Download a pdf version of the Identity Guide

In the coming months, University Communications will add electronic templates and other tools for communications to this site. We will incorporate new visual elements in phases as new communications are developed, including the redesign of the University website. Separately, we are developing new guidelines for athletics logos and their use.

Please contact University Communications with any questions on the use of this guide and its elements. | 315-229-5585

How did St. Lawrence develop the Identity Guide?
The guide is the result of more than a year of research, including focus groups and conversations with students, faculty, staff, trustees and alumni. As a part of this process, University Communications reviewed existing communications and marketing materials, including the various logos and other visual identifiers that were being used across the campus, and worked to incorporate pieces of our past that worked well with modern, best practices in design to develop a refreshed logo and the guide.

Am I required to use the "official" logo?
Although you are not "required" to use the official logo, it is to your and the University's advantage to do so. Being consistent in the use of visual identifiers helps to strengthen the University's identity among a variety of audiences. There are also financial savings associated with using the wordmark, including low-cost stationery through the University's approved vendor.

Can I create a version of the logo for my department?
The University logo should not be altered. The guide includes options for departmental identifiers that may be used in various communications. Any exceptions should be approved by University Communications.

Did the University seal change?
No. The seal, which was designed by Nelson Robinson, Class of 1887, is the longest enduring symbol of the University and will continue to be used in appropriate communications.

Did our colors change?
Our colors will always be scarlet and brown.

When can we start ordering new stationery?
We are working with St. Lawrence's official stationery supplier, Dupli Graphics, to have our online ordering system up and running as quickly as possible. We encourage departments to exhaust their current supplies before ordering stationery with the updated logo. Please contact the purchasing department for ordering information.

When do you need a license to use the University marks?
The University's logo and several other graphic identifiers are trademarked. Manufacturers wishing to produce and sell products bearing the University's marks are required to hold a license. Hundreds of companies are licensed with the University to produce St. Lawrence merchandise. Contact University Communications for more information.