Community Based Learning

"Community Based Learning (CBL) combines civic engagement with academic instruction, critical thinking, and reflection in a reciprocal relationship that benefits students, community partners, and faculty. The CBL program involve students in community service that addresses local needs while providing students with the opportunity to engage course materials and ideas both inside and outside the classroom." (Definition adapted from the Faculty Service-Learning Handbook, College of Southern Maryland)

Common Terms and Definitions

CBL Requirements

CBL Student Placement Process



14th            FIRST DAY OF CLASSES

21st            CBL: Placement Preference/Profile Form Due by 4pm ONLINE (link sent via email)
                   Preference Form: course specific where students select a placement from a list
                   Profile Form: for students who already have a placement assignment

23rd            Students Notified of Placement Assignment via Email

25th            Students Receive Email from Community Mentor for Instructions on Orientation/First
                   Day of Placement

26th-31st   Student Attend On Campus Orientation with Community Mentor
                   Students Log On to to begin tracking CBL hours online


1st              Students Begin Placements ON SITE

9th              Student Placement Contract due ONLINE
                   Mileage Reimbursement Application due  ONLINE

9th-15th     No Placement Visits Scheduled for Entire Week (due to Mid Semester Break)


11th            Mid Semester Evaluation due ONLINE

14th-22nd  SPRING BREAK: No placement visits scheduled for these dates. NOTE: Break officially
                   begins at 5pm on Friday, 3/13. The expectation is that placements are to be attended
                   up to 5pm; however, if travel arrangements prevent attendance at the placement, it
                   is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements to make up day/time with the
                   Community Partner Supervisor.

23rd-29th   Students Meet with Community Mentor to discuss Mid Semester Evaluation if Needed

30th            Presentation Proposals for Festival of CBL Due ONLINE


Sun. 12       OPTIONAL VOLUNTEER EVENT: Kick It For Jadian
                   Location: SLU Newell Track Time: 12pm-3pm

6th - 10th   Workshops Available: Poster and Audio/Visual Presentations (day/time TBD)

20th            Rough Draft Presentations for Festival of CBL Due ONLINE (requires approval)

23rd            Poster Printing Deadline: Festival of Community Based Learning (last day to guarantee
                   poster is printed by Monday, 4/27)


27th            Festival of CBL
                   Location: Winston Room, Student Center Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm

April 27th   Placement Hours Make Up Week (students can make up 2 hours this week and ALL
May 3rd      required hours are earned by this date)   


4th             Student Evaluation of CBL Program Due ONLINE  (link will be sent via email)
                  Final Deadline for CBL Hours to be Submitted on (if you need an
                  extension, please email before deadline)
                  Mileage Logs Due ONLINE (link will be sent via email to approved students)

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