Kira A. Krumhansl

Kira A. Krumhansl
Amherst, NH

I was a biology major at St. Lawrence with a particular interest in marine ecology. Upstate New York may seem like a strange place for a student interested in marine ecology to end up, but I found plenty of opportunities at St. Lawrence to set me on a path in this field. After taking core courses in biology, ecology, chemistry, and conservation, I became involved with various research projects at SLU. These included field studies of mammals, the preparation of mammal and bird study skins for SLU's natural history museum collections, and the analysis of particulate air pollution in the Chemistry department. Following these experiences, I was able to focus in on marine ecology and invertebrate ecology in my course and independent work. I spent a semester away from St. Lawrence sailing around the pacific ocean on a tall ship and studying oceanography (through the SEA Semester). Following this experience, I completed a SLU fellowship and honors project examining populations of ecologically and commercially important species in a tidal mangrove lagoon on San Salvador, Bahamas. While at SLU, I was also involved with environmental activism. I lived in the low-impact living greenhouse for three years, was the president of the environmental action organization, chair of the environmental conservation committee on THELMO, and student representative on the conservation council. I was also a guide for the SLU outdoor program. I found that my experiences at St. Lawrence gave me a broad base in ecology and research, while allowing me to focus on my main passion, the marine environment.