David L. Smith

David L. Smith
David L. Smith
Environmental Studies - Geology combined
Potsdam, NY
Campus Kitchens, Environmental Action Organization, Campus Committee for Sustainability and Climate Neutrality, hiking, snowboarding, camping, and being outdoors.

Subsequently after junior year of high school, my perspective of environmental influences has changed. I have recently begun to understand the privileges that I have grown up with, and now I greatly appreciate the luxuries that have been bestowed upon me.  As a young child my family and I would take hikes around the areas in northern New York and explore the beauty of the Adirondack Mountains.  I saw the planet as one balanced and healthy system. However, as I began to look at nature in closer detail, the balance shifted.  

The significant "ah ha" moment in my life was when I watched a video on coral reef bleaching in the summer of 2010.  It caught my attention on how serious the earth's fragile ecosystems were being harmed. Hundreds of different species live within this ecosystem and depend on the coral for food and or shelter.  It affects the bottom of the food chain and has a serious affect on every trophic level, even the top, where some may consider humans to be. Drastically, around the planet these natural systems were being depleted at high rates because of human interaction.  Many people think Geology is about rocks, but it is more than just that.  It is the study of the earth's physical structure and substance that includes the past and present processes that occur.  Geology is a science that is apart of everyday life.  

David L. Smith