Sam Lagor

Sam Lagor
South Kingstown, RI
Java Theme House member, Sigma Gamma Epsilon Earth Sciences Honorary Society, Geology Club, Shredders & Longboarders United (founder), K-SLU Radio show DJ, Lifeguard

I am currently participating in SLU's study abroad program at the University of Otago in Dunedin, NZ, and I am loving my time in the Southern Hemisphere! I am fortunate enough to have been set up with a local geology student (my "kiwi host"), and have been able to learn an unbelievable amount about the local geology occurring in the Otago region and beyond. My Metamorphism and Sedimentology classes here have taken me to some amazing geological sites throughout NZ, including the Franz Joseph glacier, the Alpine Fault separating the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates, Fjordland, and Stewart Island. I am hoping to continue my international studies into the spring, as I have applied to several universities in the French Alps through the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). When I return for my senior year in the Fall of 2012, I hope to do some research with Jeff on metamorphism associated with hydrothermal veins occurring in the Adirondack lowlands. I am certainly missing everyone in our department tremendously, and am looking forward to seeing everyone when I visit towards the end of the fall semester!