Corey Begly

Corey Begly
Geneva, NY

My interest in history started when I was very young, mainly while I was dominating Age of Empires—a brilliant, historically-based computer game. Little did I know that history would become far more important to me, beyond merely living it as a computer-based El Cid, fighting both Muslims and Christians.

I am especially grateful that my professors understand the challenges and rewards of being a student-athlete at St. Lawrence. They taught me to attempt to be objective (thanks, Professor Csete), have enthusiasm for topics you love (thanks, Professor Regosin) and never stop trying to improve and pursue knowledge (thanks, Professor Jennings). Each and every history class I have taken presented a unique and rich opportunity to learn.

Majoring in history at SLU has inspired me to be a history teacher. I am minoring in education and my professional semester starts next year. I hope that one day I can become half the teacher to my students that my professors have been to me.

My advice to any student thinking about majoring in history is to take as many history courses at Saint Lawrence as possible. You have the potential not only to learn an immense amount about the world around you but also to discover amazing things about yourself.