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2014 Piskor Lecture

4/16/14 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Sykes Common Room

The Frank P. Piskor
Faculty Lecture

presented by

Shinu Anna Abraham
Associate Professor of Anthropology

“The Indo-Pacific Glass Bead:  Using a Micro-Artifact to Build Production and Trade Networks in the Ancient Indian Ocean”

Wednesday, April 16th
Sykes Common Room
St. Lawrence University

Beads are often undervalued as artifacts, primarily due to challenges in exploiting them fully as material culture. However, beads can help archaeologists better understand a broad range of ancient behaviors including socio-political organization, craft production, and trade relations.  For example, the focus of this presentation, the tiny Indo-Pacific glass bead, is slowly emerging as a source of new insights about the role of early South India as a member of the vast maritime exchange networks that crisscrossed the Indian Ocean in the first millennium AD.