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Festival of Scholarship and Creativity

12:30pm to 5:30pm
Winston Room and Hannon Room

Oral Presentations Session I
Hannon Room, Sullivan Student Center
12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Jamie Marie Caroccio, Modern Languages and Literatures
Cuaderno de Lugares or the Traveler’s Notebook

Leonardo Claudio, Performance and Communication Arts
The Semiotics of the Cemi

Matthew Dudley, Tanner Fellow
For King and Countries:  The Remarkable Life of an Occasional Spaniard and a Fair-weather Patriot

Alex Gladwin, English
Smoke and Mirrors:  Metafiction in Graphic Narratives

Hunter Koski, History
American Intervention in the Reparations of Germany from the Perspective of American Industrialist Owen D. Young

Robert J. Montgomery, Tanner Fellow
Neath the Purple Shadows:  Essays from Hiking the Adirondack 46

Christina Robichaud, Economics
Proximity and Preferences: How Hydraulic Fracturing Affects Housing Prices

Elley Margaret Symmes, Economics/Caribbean and Latin America Studies
Bolsa Família and its Effects on Poverty, Education and Work Incentives in Brazil

Poster Presentations
Winston Room, Sullivan Student Center
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
(refreshments provided)

Victoria Bean, English
"Tremendous, Attentive, Impartial and Omniscient:" an Ecocritical study of William Faulkner’s Go Down, Moses

Caitlin Boreyko, Psychology
Factors That Predict Perceived Coach Competence and Satisfaction with Performance 

Timothy Casey, Government/Caribbean and Latin American Studies
Embargoes, Covert Action, and Elections: A Case Study of United States Intervention in Nicaragua, 1981-1990

Andrew Chan, Economics
Quantitative Easing and the Performance of Money Managers 

Jacqueline Colt, Tanner Fellow
Transplanted: On the Farm, Off the Grid

Tiara M. Davis, Global Studies
It's Pronounced Ask: Understanding the Contested Black Voice

Nicholas S. DeSantis, Government
Citizens United 
and the Search for Truth: A Legal Analysis

Philip Duggan, History
Beirut in the Headlines: Le Figaro's Reportage of the Lebanese Civil War, 1982-1984, and its Meaning for the French Center-Right

Nicole Eigbrett, Global Studies
Grape Wine in China: The Postmodern Beverage of Authoritarian Capitalism

 Noah Fitch, Art and Art History
The Architecture of Vaux-le-Vicomte as a Reflection of French History

Jared Friedland, Government
Challenges to India's Democracy, How Unstable Borders and Domestic Challenges Influence Indian Policy

Facundo Rivarola Ghiglione, Sociology
Globalization and Labor Rights in China: Interconnectedness or Disconnectedness between Consumer Activism and Workers’ Resistance?

Erika Gobeille, Economics
Do Undocumented Immigrants Impose a Disproportionate Financial Burden on the U.S. Health Care System?

Katie Greene, History
Vigilantism or Marginalized Citizenship? Youth and Generational Conflict in Kenya

Brayden Henry, History
From "King" Carter of Virginia to Henry of Connecticut

Mallie Kai-Kai, Economics
African Immigrants and Remittances

Dolma Lama, Global Studies
Filipina Migrant Workers’ Struggle to Better Working Conditions in the Middle East and Canada

Sam Marvin, History
Flawed Liberation: A Look at the Challenges Facing the Allies During the Liberation of Nazi Concentration and Death Camps

Kate Mazdzer, Global Studies
Deconstructing Mali: A Non-Eurocentric Analysis into the Causes and Effects of the Current Conflict

Christopher Melville, English
Sleepers Awake: An Exploration of the Narrative Potential of Video Games

Leigh Anne O’Mealia, Economics
Financial Literacy, Risk Preference and Credit Card Use Amongst College Students

Sophie Owen-Jankowski, History
The Mau Forest: A Multifaceted Modern Crisis

Nicole Potter, English
: A Transformation of the Sexuality and Gender Roles of Fairy Tale Women

Matthew Shoen,  Tanner Fellow
Middle Tennessee and the Selectivity of American Civil War Memory

Marissa Traver, Economics
Do Gender and Religious Differences Affect Literacy Rates in Ethiopia and Nepal?

Garret S. Watson, Economics
Skill Specific Human Capital Transferability: An Application to the Contemporary U.S. Labor Market

Oral Presentations Session II
Hannon Room, Sullivan Student Center
3:00pm – 4:45pm

Greg Carey, History
It is not Light that is Needed, but Fire: Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and the Destruction of the Peculiar Institution

Oma Cecil, History
Korean Comfort Women: Individual Experiences and Redress

Courtney Fogerty, English
Knowing that Most Things Break: On Critical Optimism and Suffering

Madeline Garnett, Tanner Fellow
Sarah Moore, Tanner Fellow
Exploring Funding Obstacles for Non-Governmental Organizations in Northern Tanzania

Ngozi Mogoli, Philosophy
The Philosophy of Economic Value

Matthew Shoen, History
Jews, Romans, and Historical Fiction: An Analysis of the Representation of Ancient Jews in the Victorian Era

Sam Staples, English
"Pale Fire" and the Poetry of Vladimir Nabokov

Allison Talbot, English
Translating from the English

Madeline Wetterhahn, Tanner Fellow
Diabetes Prevention Through Holistic Self-Management: Improving Program Retention and Participation Through Yoga and Nutrition Education

CIIS Research Grant Recipient Presentations
Carnegie 18
3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

 Leonardo Claudio
Taino: Semiotics of the Cemi

Julie Collins
The Art of Skating in New Zealand

Amy Cymerman
The Investigation of a Black Identity in France

Srna Dabikj
50 People, One Question:  The Street-Talk of Europe

Matthew Dudley         
Convivencia: Remnants of Religious Tolerance and Cultural Syncretism in Andalusia

Ryan Gakeler
Net Welfare Effects of Renault's Outsourcing to French Economy

Abagael Giles
The Effects of Jain Epistemological Doctrines on Daily Life in India

Katie Greene
Vigilantism or Marginalized Citizenship: Youth and Generation Conflict in Kenya 

Hillary Hagen-Peter
Evidence of Increased Metamorphism in the Haast Schist Group along the Alpine Fault on the South Island of New Zealand

Star-Quana Jackson
Mass Destruction: A study of the Prison Industrial Complex and Aboriginal Families

Mallie  Kai-Kai
Liberalization of the Financial Sector in Ghana and the Emergence of Non-Bank Institutions in Channeling the Flow of Remittances

Carly Lovelett
A Cultural Analysis of Australian and New Zealand Native Music

Paige McGhee
Comparing Islamic Culture in Paris and Morocco

Colby Nadeau
Preserving the Preserved: The Fate of Bog Bodies in Museums

Emmanuel Ngenoh
Exploring the Maori Traditional Practices

Jordyn Pasiak
Outlooks on Rape:  Political and Economic Systems Defining Feminism in France and the United States

Nicholas Schessl
The Contribution of Eastern Philosophies to Indian Environmental
Perspectives and Ethics

Kimberly Waite
Attitudes toward Tok Pisin in Modern Australia

 Performance Presentations
Noble Center, Room 109
4:00pm – 5:15pm

Michael Sutton Brewster, Performance and Communication Arts
Moment of Bliss

Victor Coker, Performance and Communication Arts
Top Dog/Underdog:  Performances by Claude Mumbere and Quevaughn Caruth

Kate Mazdzer, Performance and Communication Arts
And the children, they know 

Matthew John Morrison, Performance and Communication Arts
"Reason number 10," a Scene from 15 Reasons Not to be In a Play

Matthew John Morrison, Performance and Communications Arts
Monologue from Medea by Euripides

Peter Quigley, Performance and Communication Arts
Two scenes from The Walk: "The Artist" and "The Old Lady"
Performances by Giancarlo Filippi, Claude Mumbere, and Olivia Downs 

***Senior Art Show Opening  ~  Brush Art Gallery***
5:30pm – 7:00pm


***Dance Concert ~ Gulick Theatre***
8:00pm - 10:00pm



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