Student Bios

Majors: Fine Arts
Minors: Outdoor Studies

Our resident artist, fitness guru and barn enthusiast, Hanna enjoys swimming “freely” in the lake, chopping firework, and leading extreme workout routines in which she consistently impresses...

Majors: Environmental Studies and Sociology

As a mandolinist, knitter, and gardener, this girl is a jack of all trades.  She lights up Arcadia with her outstanding vocals, flawless guitar strumming, and random knowledge about food...

Majors: Philosophy
Minors: Geology

Will enjoys juggling, slacklining, and long, philosophical conversations on the beach (or in a canoe).  An expert woodcrafter, he has made a spoon for the salt and pepper jars in the Arcadia...


Klare is an essential part of our Arcadian community.  Her thoughtful insight in discussions, delicious concoctions in the kitchen, and of course her contagious laugh, which can be heard...

Majors: Environmental Studies and Government

A firm believer in the early bird catches the worm, Kate is an avid fan of getting up and out for early morning hikes around Arcadia.  With a J-stroke that is smooth as glass and a boat to...

Majors: Environmental Studies

Around Arcadia, Sam can be found sleeping in the kitchen loft, attempting to cut the perfect piece of wood, or studying on Eagle Island.  He enjoys cooking the Arcadian crowd favorite “...