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Who is St. Lawrence University? We are a group of people with countless adventures and even more stories. The St. Lawrence Blog gives our students, faculty and staff the chance to tell their tales, in their own words and in their own way. Sharing these anecdotes in one place gives our community the chance to show how creative, daring and passionate we are about what we do. Alone, these stories are powerful; together they define St. Lawrence.

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Class of 2018 Matriculation
Maeve Walsh, Class of 2017

Alma Mater (Latin: alma “nourishing”, mater “mother”). In contemporary usage, the Alma Mater is a school or university an individual has attended, or a song or hymn associated with that school. According to its original Latin, Alma Mater translates literally to “nourishing mother”.

Group of hockey athletes.
Isaac Lewis, Class of 2018

The Saints hockey season for both the men’s and women’s teams is in full swing and SLU students have been filing in and out of Appleton Arena every weekend.  What many of these students do not know is that the ice at Appleton Arena is not used exclusively for varsity hockey.  Appleton Aren

The beauty of the winter in the North Country.
Hannah Kingsley, Class of 2018

“Is there anything to do off campus?” This is a question that I am often asked when I am giving a tour to a prospective student and their family. But this is understandable, since at a first glance it seems as though St. Lawrence University is in the middle of nowhere.

Men on ice waiting for a hockey game to begin
Laura Jennings, Class of 2018

When you first imagine Upstate New York, you may picture rural farmlands and your typical Small Town, USA, with not a whole lot to do. In part, this is true; however, I have never had a problem finding something to do in Canton, the small town that houses St. Lawrence University.

Girl visiting India
Floor Fiers, Class of 2019

The small cottage seems even smaller in the immense Himalayan valley. As I bend my head and enter the doorway, the darkness of the only room in the building and the intense sound of what appears to me as uncontrollable drumming overwhelm me.

Hard at work
Gibson Drysdale, Class of 2017

Science majors at St. Lawrence often must bend over backwards if they want to study abroad.

Girl holding envelope
Meg Keniston '07, M'09 and Lyndsay Malcomb '10

Laurentians love stories and in 2016, we shared more than 60 of them here on the St. Lawrence Blog, a space that gives students (and sometimes faculty, staff members and alumni) a chance to share their St. Lawrence tales, perspectives and insights in their own words and in their own way.

Girl standing in front of a sign

I started the difficult college search process my junior year of high school. I toured most of the colleges on my list during the summer, when students on campus were few and far between. I was the most excited of all to visit SLU. I had already Googled St.

Being taught the basics of tapping trees.
Ethan Collins, Class of 2018

Ever since I was young, I felt that I should have been a lot older. Not saying that when I was 10 I should’ve been in college but rather, I should already be well past 100.

Girl reading with a stack of books on the table nearby

When people talk about academic requirements, it’s usually with some kind of negative mindset. At first glance, requirements seem like a student’s worst nightmare: just boxes you have to check off in order to get on with what you really want to do.