Advocates Directory

Advocates are students, faculty and staff volunteers trained to respond to incidents of sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, or stalking. If you are the victim of a sexually violent crime, it is not your fault and you do not have to go through this process alone. Contact an advocate at any time through the Sexual Violence Hotline (315-244-5466).

Adam Bankert, 2016

Alexis Reinheimer, 2015

Anna Carpenter, 2017

Ashley McDuffee, 2016

Austin Roney, 2015

Carli Baldwin, 2016

Caroline Murphy, 2015

Catherine Rosen, 2016

Colin Baldwin, 2016

Cristina Deschaine, 2016

Dakota Noyes, 2016

Devon Gulbransen, 2015

Elena Dauphinais, 2015

Eliza Bell, 2015

Emily Reiniger, 2016

Haley Davis, 2015

Helen Aufderheide, 2015

Jasmine Galindo, 2015

Katy Litka, 2015

Kelsey Hatch, 2015

Klare Nevins, 2016

Liana Baker, 2016

Lillian Smith, 2016

Maggie Cummins, 2016

Olivia Durocher, 2015

Olivia Hatch, 2015

Paige Friedlander, 2016

Paige Lyndaker, 2016

Rose Dowley, 2016

Samantha Colton, 2016

Shannon Allen, 2015

Teagan Fleiner-Ethridge, 2015

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Kathleen Buckley

Rance Davis

Angelica Soto, Advisor