Advocates Directory

Advocates are students, faculty and staff volunteers trained to respond to incidents of sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, or stalking. If you are the victim of a sexually violent crime, it is not your fault and you do not have to go through this process alone. Contact an advocate at any time through the Sexual Violence Hotline (315-244-5466).

Christie Spencer, 2014
Abbie McIvor, 2014
Regina Rogers, 2014
Alie Mihuta, 2014
Cynthia Bryan, 2014
Nya Blocker, 2014
Catie Johnson, 2014
Jenny Liano, 2014
Ali Warlich, 2014
Emily Calieri, 2014
Haley Burrowes, 2014
Olivia Hatch, 2015
Kat Lukens, 2015
Hanna Hamblen, 2015
Carlee Kirsch, 2015
Kathleen Buckley
Angelica Soto, Advisor