What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual Assault is any sexual contact or sexual attention committed by force, threats, bribes, manipulation, pressure, tricks or violence. It includes rape and attempted rape, child molestation, incest and sexual harassment. Sexual assault is a terrifying and often brutal crime: assailants can be strangers, acquaintances, friends or family members. The devastating effects are shared by victims and those who love them.

According to the FBI, a rape occurs every six minutes in the U.S. Rape is a crime of violence, anger, and power. It is not motivated by sexual desire. Rapists use sexual violence as a weapon to control, humiliate, and hurt their victims. Anyone can become a victim, because victims are not selected for their attractiveness, appearance, or behavior. Sexual assault of any type is never a victim's fault. No one ever "asks for" or deserves to be sexually assaulted.

Ask for and give consent:  This guide to consent will help.  Remember, consent can only be given if both people are clear-headed (not under the influence of drugs or alcohol), give and receive clear verbal and non-verbal cues, and feel no pressure.