Student Bios

Liz Luciano
Majors: Art & Art History
Minors: Education Certification
Cho Wun Clara Ma
Majors: Anthropology, Art & Art History (Art History)
Minors: Asian Studies

In the 2011 Spring semester, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. I took classes in painting restoration and Renaissance art history. Apart from Renaissance art, I have a strong interest in...

Fernando T. Gomez
Majors: Art & Art History
Minors: Asian Studies
Amy Atkins
Majors: Fine Arts and Environmental Studies
Amanda Treco
Majors: Art & Art History
Minors: Psychology

This spring semester '13, I have been studying art at the University of Cortona in Italy.  I have traveled to many small Tuscan towns as well as major cities in Italy and have had the...

Majors: Fine Arts

I was recently awarded (2014) a full scholarship to attend a printmaking workshop this summer at the Penland School of Crafts.  I will be spending July working at...