Student Bios

Samantha Rodriguez
Majors: Art & Art History

I was a proud HEOP student! I lived in the Artist Guild and studied in Florence, Italy during the Fall semester of my Junior year. Even if I wasn't a member in any clubs officially, I was a...

Sophie Miller
Majors: Art & Art History (studio)
Minors: Education

During my past three years at St. Lawrence, I have been involved in many extracurricular activities. Some of which would be: being on the St. Lawrence National Riding Team; as a...

Olivia McManus
Majors: Art & Art History
Minors: Gender and Sexuality Studies

At St. Lawrence I was immersed in the art community. I spent most days splitting my time between the printmaking studio and the Ireland room. In fact, I think I spent more time in the Noble center...

Holly Hunold
Majors: Anthropology
Minors: Fine Art

My time at St. Lawrence University has been well spent in learning about myself and about where I belong in the grand scheme of things. After taking courses in many different departments, and also...

Majors: Fine Arts and Performance & Communication Arts

I entered St. Lawrence University with no intentions to become a Fine Arts major; I've been involved with the arts my entire life, but it was never something I intended to pursue as far as a...

Majors: Art & Art History (Art History)

I am very involved in the Chi Omega Fraternity's chapter on St. Lawrence campus. I am currently the Vice-President and Scholarship Director. With these positions, I help our...