February-April 2010
350 Reasons to Combat Climate Change

During February, March and April, this multifaceted event will feature the making of a quilt to represent perspectives from around the globe and to demonstrate that people the world over are at risk. There will also be a film/discussion series.

Movie/Discussion Series
(all are being shown in the Winston Room at 7pm,
Sullivan Student Center, unless otherwise noted)
Weather Report ~ 2/9, 8:30 pm One Degree Matters ~ 3/23, 7:00 pm
Everything's Cool ~ 2/23, 7:00 pm The Age of Stupid ~ 3/30, 7:00 pm
The 11th Hour ~ 3/2, 7:00 pm No Impact Man ~ 4/13, 7:00 pm
The Truth about Climate Change ~ 3/16  

(More information will be posted soon.)

*This event is co-sponsored by the Hovey/Brown Endowment for the Arts.