The Truth About Life and Dance in the Middle East


Thursday, March 24th
Griffiths 123

This lecture/demonstration speaks to the lives of everyday women in the Middle East and how dance, both publicly and privately, integrates within a traditionally conservative society. Learn about professional dancers and their place in celebration and cultures,  learn about dance culture in Egypt, and join in a discussion about the current situation in Egypt.

Students are encouraged to participate in a discussion about the current crisis in Egypt.


Introductory Belly Dance Class offered as a follow-up to Aegela's visit
Friday, April 1st
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Griffiths 40

About Aegela

Since 1978, Aegela's love of Middle Eastern dance has taken her throughout the US and to the heart of the art---Egypt. She has engaged in several performing tours of Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt. It was on her first tour that Aegela was awarded the coveted Lifetime Performer's license by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, an honor held by only 11 foreigners. While working in Egypt, Aegela enjoyed the privilege of studying with famed dancer/choreographer Mahmoud Reda, of the Reda Troupe, and with Madame Busi, principal dancer with the National Folkloric Company.

During her teaching career, Aegela has conducted classes for the deaf and hearing impaired, and devised a format for use in occupational therapy rehabilitation programs assisting women in regaining range of motion. Recently, she developed a dance program for women recovering from strokes. These experiences have enhanced her ability to articulate movement and discern what subtle changes are required for the desired effect.

Aegela frequently lectures in major universities on the topics of Middle Eastern art and music, as well as women's roles in that society. Speaking engagements have included Emory University School of Near Eastern Studies, Georgia State University, and Mercer University. A television special, "Dance Atlanta," highlighted Aegela as an artist of Middle Eastern dance. She was the featured performer in numerous Middle Eastern, Greek, and Turkish nightclubs, as well as studio director and coach to Atlanta's premier dancers.

Conducting multi-level classes in her new hometown of Toledo, Ohio, and as a national seminar instructor, Aegela encourages participants to "think outside the box" using traditional movements in unusual combinations, or "Aegela-isms." In her classroom, women celebrate their unique images and personalities discovered through the joy of dance.