Meet Korean Modern Dance Performed by Lee K. Dance

Kyung Eun Lee (Director/Choreographer/Dancer)
Ryung Eun Kwon (Dancer)
Jung Ah Chung (Dancer)
Kyung Suk Baek (Producer)

Thursday, February 9th, 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Workshop in the Black Box (Open to the Public)

Contemporary Dance Techniques and Improvisation. All levels are welcome.

Saturday, February 11th, 8:00pm

Dance Recital in the Black Box
(Open to the Public)

Sonic Pulse is a five-movement modern dance piece collaborated with an original music composition by In-Sil Yoo and art prints by Melissa Schulenberg. This piece represents the beat phenomenon of the Korean Bronze bell, the bell of 'Brahman' in Sanskrit, a word referring to the bell of absolute divine reality. Because Korean people believed that Korean Bronze bell sound cleans sin and pain, they started each day with bell sounds wishing for a better day. In this dance, the two characteristic waves unfold a wish for a perfect match to create elegant timbre (listening through eyes, seeing through ears, and feeling through heart sounds) and long lasting reverberating beats which represents times of peace and prosperity. This is a world première performance.

This work created with deeply understood source between two who has irrefutable connection, yet the work examines an obstruction of communication reflecting their shared social surrounding. It is embedded with political reality and it contains a multitude of notions of what it means to communicate, the tension in connection and how our identities live among these tensions.

Spring Dream is a modern dance piece that experiments with the harmony and conflict contained in 'Gang Gang Sulrae,' a traditional Korean folk song and game. As well as contemporary dance. Named after an old Korean idiom that denotes a short-lived illusion of pleasure, Spring Dream aims to awaken us from the illusory dreams of our unconscious and to lead us to create our own dreams, through a performance in which four characters experience joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure. The work evokes images of nature, such as the promise of a resplendent spring taking over from the harsh winter and the growth of a flower bud that blooms after steadfastly enduring the hardships of being germinated and growing up through the soil.

Lee K. Dance is a professional contemporary dance company established by the choreographer Kyung Eun LEE in 2002. Based on the art philosophy that 'true art with the spirit can easily communicate with anyone,' it is a major contemporary dance company in Korea heading toward its tenth anniversary. Lee K. Dance is evolving into a distinct identity through its collaborations with other genres based on its passion for creation, its open mind, and its flexible yet powerful dance techniques.

The powerful body stands out in Lee's dance, and the genuineness and completeness of her dance leaves the audience in awe. Lee was awarded Best New Dancer from the Contemporary Dance Association of Korea for her debut Wavering Heart in 1996; she began to rewrite the history of Korean dance as "a new character that never existed before," "a rebel against the typical female dancer." Lee was acknowledged nationally and internationally for her talents as a choreographer when she was awarded the Gold Prize at the 4th Korean Choreographer Festival and when she received first place at the 8th International Solo Tanz Theatre Festival in Germany. She is recognized as an artist who has both artistry and popular appeal with her innocence and provocativeness, androgynous appeal and enthusiastic stage manners. She has performed at SIDance, MODAFE, SPAF, the Tokyo Dance Biennale (Japan), the APAP/Dumbo Festival (US), Fondation Royaumont (France), Sziget Festival (Hungary), Kaay Fecc/Makinu Bantu (Africa) and in Germany. Her major works include This is Not a Dream, Chunmong (A Spring Dream), Between, OFF destiny, One, Two, Five, With Momo, Hide the Eye, Tears, Eye.