March 26, 2010
Salt Lines

Salt Lines Spoken Word Collaborative are Andrea Gibson (Women of the World Poetry Slam Champion), Denise Jolly (Seattle Poetry Slam), Sonya Renee (Individual National Poetry Slam Champion), and Tara Hardy (Bent Writing Institute). These women represent some of the strongest and most respected talent coming out of the international Poetry Slam circuit. They and their work have been featured on HBO, CNN, MTV, BET, Oxygen, and UK Travel Networks, alongside the likes of Hillary Clinton, Ani Difranco, Gloria Steinem, Lady Miss Kier of Dee Lite, Cut Chemist, Amy Goodman, Dorothy Allison, Kate Bornstein, Michelle Tea, Sini Anderson, Ivan Coyote, and Sister Spit.

Open Workshop ~ 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. ~ Location: TBA
Sonya, Andrea and Denise are performers, educators, facilitators, developers, and believers in the human ability to create change by honoring and expressing personal, cultural, and social history. Their celebration is one of being basic to the earth as salt. Necessary, life allowing, wound stinging, and let’s face it, tasty. A salt line is a ring left on a hat or heart or sleeve inspired by exertion or labor. So, don’t be surprised if they inspire you to work up your own sweat, because these four elemental poets will work stages into assembly lines of release, revolt, and redemption. These women do not provide a clean slate they do however provide a dirty one worn proudly. Please contact if you are interested in attending this writing workshop.

Main Performance ~ 8:00 p.m. ~ Winston Room
Salt Lines are an award-winning slam poetry group made up of gay, straight and transgendered women. Andrea, Denise and Sonya will storm, sing, slam, and sling salt into the eye of all that has ever silenced voices meant to be heard through their moving, profound, and award-winning slam poetry. Salt Lines Spoken Word: A night of Release Revolt and Redemption!