Donald S. Sutherland Residency
March 22nd - March 24th, 2012
Gunnison Memorial Chapel

All kinds of people, no matter what kind of music they prefer, are welcome
to listen and learn. The students events will focus on the students, but all people
are welcome to attend, to listen, and to experience the wisdom of Donald Sutherland.


Thursday, March 22nd
8:30am, Gunnison Memorial Chapel
16th century Musicianship Class

Open to the public.

Mr. Sutherland will demonstrate the many styles in which Bach worked, drawing paths of the evolution of music from the Renaissance Period to the Baroque Period (1600-1750).

12:30pm, Gunnison Memorial Chapel
Class Visit with Metaphilosophy and Survey of Art

Open to the public.

Mr. Sutherland will explore the organ and its culture during the Baroque Period.

Friday, March 23rd
9:40am, Gunnison Memorial Chapel
Class Visit with Music Theory Class

Open to the public.

Mr. Sutherland will explore the harmonic technique of Bach's works to create the most descriptive sounds to match the texts of the Orgelbüchlein. What was the place of Bach and the organ in his time and in our culture? How is the organ used? In films? In concerts? What other places do we hear organ?

6:00pm, Gunnison Memorial Chapel
Lecture/Demonstration: The Hidden Meaning of the Orgelbüchlein (Little Organ Book)

Open to the public.

A lecture and organ demonstration of the symbolism in the Orgelbüchlein will open our aural doors of learning.

Saturday, March 24th
6:10pm, Gunnison Memorial Chapel
Donald Sutherland playing the organ

Open to the public.

Donald Sutherland will play the organ and help the audience listen for specific sounds and phrases in the pieces that he performs. He will demonstrate the various colors of the Estey pipe organ in Gunnison Memorial Chapel.

Trained in the studio of Arthur Poister at Syracuse University, Donald S. Sutherland serves as Coordinator of the Organ Faculty of The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Known as a consummate recitalist, professor, collaborator and conductor, he has performed in Korea, The Czech Republic, Great Britain, Canada, Russia and Europe, as well as throughout the United States.