Government/Asian Studies Combined Major

I. Government requirements: A minimum of eight government courses, including the following:

1. Government 103, 105,290, one international course and one theory course
2. Three electives, including Government 322 or Special Topics courses on Asia.

II. In addition to fulfilling requirements for the disciplinary major, students must complete seven Asian Studies courses:

1. At least one multi-regional course from the list of Asian Studies courses (taken on- or off-campus).
2. One semester-long course in an Asian language.
3. Five electives, including at least one course at the 300 or 400 level. No more than three of these courses can be selected from a single department or focus on a single region. Two of the five required electives must be outside the government department. One of the electives must include a research component. Government courses listed for Asian studies credit may also count for the departmental major.