Health Careers

In many health-related careers, advisement is within the province of a specific academic department. Pre-medical, pre-dental and pre-veterinary training, however, require the interaction of a number of departments. Advisement of students in these programs at St. Lawrence is handled by the Health Careers Committee, which includes faculty in the humanities and social sciences as well as the natural sciences. This reflects St. Lawrence's belief that a liberal arts education is the most effective preparation for any career. Since it is common for students interested in a health-related career to major in Biology (although that is not a requirement as long as you fulfill the minimum requirements for your program - see below), it is STRONGLY ADVISED that you begin your science courses in your first year. For most students this means taking General Biology and General Chemistry. This will provide a much greater degree of flexibility in the event that you decide to study abroad or if you get closed out of some of your courses. Basically, if you are academically fit for medical school, you should be able to handle General Biology and General Chemistry as a first-year student. Do NOT take three science courses your first year.

Get a health career adviser at the beginning of your first year. Contact Dr. David Hornung or Dr. Joe Erlichman to arrange for an adviser from the Health Careers Committee.

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