Ms. Caitlin C Estes

Ms. Caitlin C Estes
Biology and Psychology
Ossipee, NH
Varsity field hockey, Commons College, Pre-Health Club, SAAC (Student Athletic Advisory Committee), Intramural Broomball and Softball.

I came to St. Lawrence knowing that I wanted to be a biology major because I loved biology in high school. I was not sure what I wanted to do with my biology major, but as I took courses in the sciences as well as other areas, I decided that I wanted to go to medical school. In my FYP, we had many doctors speak to our class about their profession, and after hearing them speak and asking them questions, I was convinced that being a doctor was what I wanted to do. St. Lawrence brings in many speakers from many backgrounds over the course of the year. These guests not only help to educate us in their specialties, they also make us aware of the many things that we can achieve using the knowledge we gain here at St. Lawrence.

Although the classes are challenging, professors are always willing to meet outside of class time to provide extra help. The professors at St. Lawrence want us to do well, and they do what they can to make sure that we have the opportunity to do well. I met with my biochemistry professor weekly in order to keep up with the material. My animal physiology professor is always willing to take questions after class, and he encourages us to stop by his office anytime. St. Lawrence even has a peer tutoring program which allows students to get help from their peers.

As a varsity athlete, I devote a lot of time to field hockey as well as academics. My professors have been very understanding, and they are happy to do what they can to accommodate my schedule whether it is finding time for extra help or scheduling review sessions. My coach is also very flexible and understands that academics take priority. Being an athlete has not taken away from my opportunities here at St. Lawrence, if anything, it has enhanced them. Professors can be seen at games, and many professors inquire about wins and losses when I see them in class or in the hallways of Johnson Hall of Science. It is nice to know that my professors are supporting me.