Student Bios

Kirk Donovan
Majors: Biology

 I was pretty busy at SLU, both in and out of the Biology Department. I was a tour guide for two years and a mentor in the WORD Studio for three years. I was also active in student government...

Zach French
Majors: Biology

A strong science program, small class sizes, and the ability to actually know your professors were some of the criteria I used while looking for colleges, and St. Lawrence offers them all. ...

Brett Ford
Majors: Biology
Minors: Mathematics

I grew up in a small, rural town in central New York, where being immersed in nature fostered my fascination of life and the subject of biology. At St. Lawrence I have been able to cultivate this...

Thomas Lehmann
Majors: Biology
Minors: Music

Eciton burchellii is a species of army ant from the Amazon that has a unique nomadic lifestyle.  In colonies numbering in the hundreds of thousands, they hunt by day, travelling in a...

James Chandler
Majors: Biology
Minors: Outdoor Studies

For as long as I can remember I have loved the outdoors.  I would fill my free time with little adventures around the small Vermont town where I grew up.  St. Lawrence has provided me...

Nicole Beers
Majors: Biology

Entered St. Lawrence as an Augsbury/North Country Scholar.

Awarded a summer fellowship (2012) to develop health related programs in Nicaragua.

Awarded a SLU summer fellowship (2011)...