Student Bios

Liqian Ma
Majors: Biology

My name is Liqian Ma’16 from Changsha, China. Since high school, I have been attracted to biology because of the interesting course topics. However, back then, my encounter with biology was only...

Majors: Biology
Minors: Statistics

Over the past summer (2015), I was lucky enough to receive a fellowship from the Endocrine Society to study the effects that exogenous hormones and the pesticide atrazine have on vertebrate immune...

Anna Whalen
Majors: Neuroscience
Minors: African Studies

St. Lawrence has allowed me to express my passion for both the sciences and African studies. In the fall of last year I studied abroad in Tanzania for four months where I did everything from...

Corinne Niekrewicz
Majors: Biology
Minors: Mathematics

Upon my first journey through the windy hills of the Adirondacks to visit St. Lawrence, I knew this quaint university was indeed a very special “candle in the wilderness” that I couldn’t afford to...

Kirk Donovan
Majors: Biology

 I was pretty busy at SLU, both in and out of the Biology Department. I was a tour guide for two years and a mentor in the WORD Studio for three years. I was also active in student government...

Zach French
Majors: Biology

A strong science program, small class sizes, and the ability to actually know your professors were some of the criteria I used while looking for colleges, and St. Lawrence offers them all. ...