Combined Major Program

Under the Canadian studies combined major program, students fulfill
all of the major requirements of one department in the social sciences
or humanities, such as English, government or history. In addition, they
(1) pursue a Canadian studies core consisting of an independent
project plus the Introduction to Canadian Studies and the
Canadian-American Relations courses and (2) choose four Canadian
studies electives from the offerings of the several academic
departments. These department electives should be partially drawn from
the department of the student’s combined major. For example, a student
pursuing a combined major in history and Canadian studies should select
at least one Canadian history course, thereby meeting a major
requirement in both history and Canadian studies and, in the process,
reducing the number of electives needed for the combined major.

Such a combined major provides students with the
opportunity for special study within the traditional major as well as
the ability to pursue both the methodological depth of that traditional
discipline and the multidisciplinary breadth of Canadian studies.

All Canadian studies combined major programs
require the following courses:

  • 101.
    Introduction to Canada. 1 unit

  • 201.
    Canadian-American Relations. 1 unit

  • 401.
    Junior/Senior Seminar. or
    Internship. or

  • 489,490.
    Independent Project. or
    499. Honors Thesis. 1 unit

Electives from offerings in Canadian studies
in the various academic departments 4 units*

7 units*

*Electives from the department offerings
should be chosen partially from the electives in the departmental half
of the student’s combined major. A combined major of up to 14 courses
is thus possible. In no case may more than 16 courses be pursued for a
combined major.