CBL Placement Process Information

Welcome to the Community Based Learning Program. This semester you have embarked on a unique experiences where you will be connecting your course content with a community based learning placement. Students enrolled in courses with CBL components are required to follow a CBL placement selection and assignment process prior to attending a CBL placement. Each step is outlined below, and for each step, links to additional information that will be helpful for this process is available. Students who follow these steps precisely will have a more successful placement experience so please make sure you read everything carefully. NOTE: If at anytime during this process you need assistance, you should contact the CCE Office immediately.  Any delay will prevent you from completing your required service hours and in turn will prevent you from completing any course related work tied to your placement.

Placement Selection and Assignment Process:

Each professor will discuss the CBL placement with students during their first class/seminar. After it is introduced, the placement process occurs as follows.

Step One: Placement Selection

Courses Requiring a Placement Preference Selection: Students will receive an email (from either the professor or the CBL Staff) with a link to the Student Placement Preference Form associated with their course. These students MUST complete this form ONLINE, by the deadline given in the email sent to student, to select your top 4 choices of CBL placements specific to your course. All Student Placement Preference Forms are processed on a first come-first serve basis.

Courses NOT Requiring a Placement Preference Selection: The student placement site is pre-determined by the course or has been pre-arranged with the CBL Staff. Students must submit the Student Profile Form, by the deadline given in the email sent to student, to provide the CBL office with information about the individual student and their placement that has already been pre-determined/arranged with either the professor of the CBL staff.

Step Two: Placement Assignment Email Notification

All Students will be notified of their CBL Placement and receive additional information via email by the end of the second week of classes.

Step Three:

Students are required to read over and ask questions if needed the CCE Transportation Policy

In the placement assignment email there will be instructions on transportation is pre-arranged by the professor or the CBL staff.

Step Three: Orientation

Students will be notified via email of a mandatory On Campus Orientation with their assigned Community Mentor during the third week of classes. All student should be attending placement regularly by the fourth week of classes.


About the CBL placement process, please contact the Center for Civic Engagement.

Regarding your course requirements or grades, please contact your professor directly.

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